Top Tips for Virtual Viewings
Are you looking to rent or sell your property during the pandemic?

Well, due to obvious concerns with face to face viewings, virtual viewings are encouraged under current public health guidance.  As an agency we have been offering virtual reality tours of properties, this service has really come into its own during the pandemic as we have sold and rented properties off of the back of it. If you would like to have a virtual reality tour of your property, email; however if it is unavailable at the requested time, you should record your own virtual viewing. In order to showcase your property in its best possible light whilst recording your virtual viewing, be sure to check out our virtual viewing top tips:
  1. Preparation is key:
Remember that you need to strive to showcase your property in its optimum form; consequently cleaning and making beds, decluttering, selecting good lighting (turn on lights and open all curtains and blinds) is highly advisable before beginning your recording. Whilst decluttering keep in mind that you still want your property to feel homely; this will make potential buyers envisage themselves moving in.
Preparation is key for your outdoor spaces as well; even more so now as lockdown has made outdoor areas highly sought after. This prep doesn’t need to be extensive, simply mow the lawn, sweep patio areas, plant brightly coloured plants and even arranging flower pots can help.

  1. Plan your route:
Again, focus on the best parts of your property; you don’t have to film every part of your property. There’s no need to showcase your under the stairs cupboard or film every bathroom if you have multiple.
You should spend more time exploring key areas and spaces. Obviously all properties are different, but spend time to think about your favourite areas or the aspects that drew you to your property in the first place. Perhaps you have a newly refurbished kitchen, a stunning view from your bedroom, by-folding doors leading to a patio, an en-suite or even a vibrant front door. As previously said, gardens and outdoor areas are hot spots for house hunters due to lockdown restrictions, so be sure to spend time whilst recording in these areas if you have them.

  1. Let’s talk about the camera:
I’m sure you have access to a smartphone or tablet; the cameras on these devices nowadays are of sufficient quality and are more than capable of capturing high-quality video footage. Whilst on your smartphone or tablet, you need to choose the correct camera, use the back camera which is of better quality than the forward facing one that we all know and love from selfies. Whilst recording, keep a sturdy hand and hold the camera eye level, mirroring the same experience that an individual would have if they were to physically walk around your property.
  1. Mute the sound:
Background noise is unavoidable, especially when the kids are not at school! Therefore to make your video seem professional, mute the sound before sending your virtual viewing to us. If you aren’t sure how to remove the sound, just let us know and we are more than happy to do this for you.
After using our top tips, I’m certain that your video will be clear and professional and be a real hit with our house hunters. For any further advice please email us on We will look forward to seeing your virtual viewing.

This post is inspired by Property Mark’s ‘HOW TO SHOWCASE YOUR PROPERTY USING VIDEO DURING CORONAVIRUS’. If you want to see their version, click here