The Best Day To Move Home
New research reveals the most popular – and most costly – days to move home in the UK.

Compare My Move gained details from almost 95,000 movers, with some interesting results.

moving homeWhen is the most popular time to move?
Most people in Britain prefer a summer move, making the most of better weather and longer days. August is the most popular month, especially for families as children have time to settle in their new homes before the start of the new school year.

Some places differ. Movers in Wales and the East Midlands prefer to move in July, whereas those in northern England prefer an autumn move, with January also proving to be a popular month for moving.

Which day of the week is a good moving day?
Traditionally Friday is the most popular day for moving, echoed by the research results. (34% of movers opted for a Friday.) It’s easy to see why… a long weekend when you move gives you longer to unpack and settle into your new home.

In Greater London, the most popular moving day is a Saturday. With more key services becoming available on a Saturday, this day is becoming an attractive option.

Does your moving day affect costs?
Yes! The research shows that Tuesday is the most expensive day with an average move cost of £1,110.36. Sunday is the cheapest (£717.13) and also the least popular day. Only 2.69% of the participants chose to move on a Sunday.

Compare My Move told Property Reporter: “Our research shows that Friday still reigns supreme for movers across Britain, with a huge 34% of movers choosing this day. Booking one day off work nets you three days to get settled in across the weekend, so it’s clear why Friday is such a favourite. If you want to nab a Friday move at a decent rate, make sure you book at least three months ahead of time, and always compare removal quotes.”

Are you thinking of moving?
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