Plans to Abolish Section 21
Section 21 is the legislation allowing landlords to evict tenants at the end of their fixed-term tenancy without a reason. This week, the Government announced its intention to abolish Section 21 eviction notices. It’s a huge change within the property rental market; one which is proving to be divisive within the sector.

The new plans mean that landlords would need to state the reason involved when bringing tenancies to an end. This would need to be a 'concrete, evidenced reason already specified in law'.

Security for Tenants
This change is designed to protect renters from unethical landlords, offering longer-term security and avoiding the frustration of short notice evictions with little justification.

The Housing Secretary, James Brokenshire, said: "By abolishing these kinds of evictions, every single person living in the private rented sector will be empowered to make the right housing choice for themselves - not have it made for them."

Protection for Landlords
The vast majority - 90% - of tenancies are ended by the tenant. Tenants are rarely evicted using Section 21 notices – usually the reasons are involved are selling or major works. With this in mind, it is essential that landlords are protected and have the ability to regain their property whilst, of course, treating tenants fairly. 

Richard Lambert, CEO of the National Landlord Association, says: “Landlords currently have little choice but to use Section 21. They have no confidence in the ability or the capacity of the courts to deal with possession claims quickly and surely, regardless of the strength of the landlord’s case.”

Our Comment
Jason Dyer of JTM Homes says: “There are circumstances which mean that a landlord has no choice but to take action and evict tenants from their property. We’re in a hesitant economic climate and rental demand is already outstripping supply. We must ensure that landlords are encouraged to offer rental properties whilst treating tenants properly. Removing the reassurance of Section 21 may deter some landlords from continuing to rent their properties."

We’ll be watching carefully as the Government’s plans are unveiled... and we'll keep you updated. If you are a landlord – or thinking of renting your property – and have any queries, please contact the friendly experts at JTM Homes.