6 Top Tips for Property Viewings
When you go to view your potential new home, it’s easy to concentrate upon the visual parts of the property.  A more thorough viewing can save time later on, allowing you to be more informed about whether to arrange a second visit, or simply move on to the next property.
Here are our top tips for knowing whether this property is right for you:
  1. Look around you – check the local amenities, transport links and community. Does it have what you’re looking for? Are the streets and the neighbouring houses kept smart and tidy?
  2. Mobile signal – all networks work everywhere now, don't they? No. Check that you have a decent signal on your phone when you visit – it’s even more essential if you will be working from home.
  3. Parking – where will you park – and are there enough spaces for your needs? This is very contentious issue and can cause a huge amount of inconvenience. It is worth visiting the street at weekends or in the evening to see what parking is really like around the property.
  4. Love it, but… - if you like the property but will need to make changes, such as changing the kitchen or converting the attic, find out estimated costs for the work involved. Is this still realistic for your budget?
  5. Cost of living – ask about the monthly expenses that the current owners or tenants pay. How much should you allow for utilities and council tax? Will you have to pay service charges? Be prepared!
  6. Sight, sound and smell – these three senses are vital during a property viewing, however we usually only focus on what we see. Remember to listen for noise levels – would you be living under a flight path, by a busy road during rush hour, or have noisy neighbours? Check for smells too – a musty smell can be an indication of damp.
‘We help our buyers to find out as much as they can about the area as well as the properties they view,” says Jason Dyer of JTM Homes. “We are experts in the north London area and will always give honest feedback to clients. This means that your property viewings will be truly relevant to your needs and we avoid wasting anyone’s time – vendors and buyers alike.”
If you are thinking of buying or renting a property in north London, talk to the team at JTM Homes. We’ll get you moving, fast.