Ingredients for the Perfect Neighbour
Your neighbours have a huge impact  you. If you’re lucky enough to have good neighbours, your sense of community and wellbeing are increased. So what traits do people value when it comes to who they live next to?

It’s the UK’s older generation that is maintaining a sense of community and neighbourhood more than any other, states Property Reporter. In fact, 69% of participants aged over 55 years have spoken to their neighbour in the last week.

Three Traits of Your Perfect Neighbour
  1. 58%  want to be able to trust someone with a spare set of keys
  2. 55% want someone who can look after their property when they go away 
  3. 54% think the perfect neighbour is quiet

Overall, the research shows that people want their neighbours to be considerate, trustworthy and overall, just happy to keep an eye on our home. According to the findings, over half of us are on first name terms with those who live next door (54%) and 29% of us would trust our neighbours with a key.
Examples of Neighbourly Behaviour:
  • 63% have taken in parcels
  • 54% have dropped off deliveries
  • 51% say they are quiet and courteous
  • 49% keep an eye on the property
  • 38% think they are not nosey; the same amount are courteous where they park their car
  • 31% of UK homeowners and renters would go outside to check all was okay if they heard an alarm 
  • 26% of people would look out of the window to see which house or car an alarm was coming from

With this feedback in mind, who would people choose as their perfect neighbour? 51% of us would like to live next door to a celebrity. The top ten ideal celebrity neighbours are:
  1. David Attenborough 
  2. James Cordon 
  3. Stephen Fry 
  4. Adele 
  5. Mary Berry 
  6. Jamie Oliver 
  7. Idris Elba
  8. Judy Dench 
  9. Robbie Williams
  10. The Beckhams

“We all lead busy lives,” says Jason Dyer of JTM Homes, “Spending time getting to know our neighbours can help our local community to feel more safe and established.” JTM Homes estate agency has been specialising in the north London property market since 2001. If you would like to know about the communities as well as the properties available, contact us for a no-obligation chat. We love to talk about our specialist topic: North London.