3 Biggest Turn Offs For Buyers
Have you ever walked in to your next potential home and thought "no way"?
First impressions count when it comes to attracting buyers. At JTM Homes, we always know what our buyers are looking for. We make a point of really understanding potential buyers’ priorities and requirements. Then, we match them with our vendors’ properties.
But – there are some things that will put many people off of your house – even if, on paper, it should be their dream home.
What are the top three things that buyers hate about your home?

A survey by GoCompare.com Mortgages found out:
  1. Damp
 71% of people said that they would not consider buying a property if they spotted damp patches on the walls or ceilings.
  1. Poor Maintenance
65% said that poor quality maintenance would deter them from buying.
  1. Bad Smells
61% stated that bad smells would put them off of considering a property. These odours included: pets, damp and cigarette smoke.
Other factors included cluttered space and ‘out of control’ outdoor space.
Matt Sanders of Gocompare.com told Property Reporter:  “Moving home is a big undertaking for sellers who want to attract the best price for their property and buyers who, in the main, want well-maintained properties. 
“Our survey suggests that many homebuyers want a home that’s ready to move into and are put off by properties requiring repairs or maintenance work.  Damp is a particular area of concern - a musty smell, black mould, stained ceilings or crumbling plasterwork are all warning signs of problems which, depending on the cause, can be costly to remedy. 
“Interestingly, while many buyers are put off by poor maintenance and bad DIY, only a quarter would shy away from properties which have outdated kitchens or bathrooms – two of the most expensive rooms in a home to update.”
Jason Dyer of JTM Homes added: “Part of the service from JTM Homes is the honest feedback and advice that we offer our vendors. By presenting a property well, potential buyers can see the true potential it offers.”
If you are thinking of selling your north London home, talk to the team at JTM Homes. We’ll give you friendly advice and find serious buyers for your property. Contact us - we're here to help.