What Buyers Hate
The winter is traditionally a slower time of year for property sales, (although the JTM Homes market is busy!). 

Usually, fewer buyers are seriously looking for their next home so it’s even more crucial to eliminate any factors that may put them off of your property.

“It’s important to look at your home from a buyer’s point of view,” says Jason Dyer of JTM Homes. “When we live in a property we don't always notice the hidden horrors that buyers may dislike. The biggest culprit is clutter, which can disguise the size of the room. Even worse, it can suggest that little attention has been given to care and maintenance of your home. First impressions definitely count.”

Nottingham Building Society has compiled a list of the biggest property buyer turn offs, suggested by its estate agency divisions:

1. Dirt! It is especially important that bathrooms and kitchens are sparkling and clean.

2. Clutter – let your property’s space shine through. Presenting your home as more of a ‘blank canvass’ with neutral colours and less personal trinkets make it easier for buyers to imagine their own possessions and style ‘in situ’.

3. Strange plants! Green fingered buyers are worried by plants that they don't know – in case it turns out to be persistent and sinister for the rest of the garden’s flora.

4. Transport noise – double or triple glazing can help minimise the noise from nearby traffic, trains or planes.

5. White rules! Coloured bathroom suites are a huge turn-off. Consider a cost-effective replacement (to white) if possible.

6. Bad smells – whether it’s pets, cigarettes or last night’s takeaway… use ‘nice smells’ to disguise the bad ones. Try coffee, scented candles or air fresheners.

7. Lots of cats! Buyers are often concerned that the cats may return to their old home after they’ve moved. Plus, pet allergies are increasingly common.

8. Pushy sellers - leave viewing to the professionals. Agents often know the viewers, what they are looking for and what will be most appealing to them (about your particular property). With JTM Homes, there’s no hard sell. Our expert team makes sure that buyers understand the advantages and features of your home with pushing or intimidating them. Plus – you’ll always receive honest feedback and advice after all viewings.

Su Snaith, Head of estate agency, said: "It really is a case of different strokes for different folks - depending on individual taste in many instances. However, the common theme does seem to be cleanliness and no clutter. Potential buyers want to be greeted with a home they can imagine themselves living in.

A messy and untidy home could be an instant turn off, so give your home a fresh, clean look and smell, and de-clutter where necessary - then you have a great starting point.”

If you are interested in selling your north London home, ask JTM Homes for an evaluation. We’ll advise you on a sales value that you can expect to achieve – and we’ll give you expert advice about how to present your property.