5 Ways to Settle Kids in Their New Home
Moving home is an exciting yet stressful for everyone – of any age. Changing home comforts and familiarities can be particularly daunting for children. Property Reporter’s five steps will help the kids to settle in their new home quickly:
1. Let the Adventure Begin!
The first time you take the children to your new property, let them explore. Go at their pace, in the direction they take you... up the stairs, in cupboards, outside… discovering their new home should be an exciting adventure.
2. Favourite Food
Cooking a firm family favourite the first night that you’re in your new home offers a welcome treat and something familiar to everyone. This can be prepared in advance to help ease the pressure on moving day. Chatting about the day and your new home during a family meal helps to bring everyone together.
3. Sleep Well
It’s important for everyone to get a good night’s sleep on the first night in your new home. This is even more important for children - keeping to their regular sleeping times will help to restore a familiar routine. This means making sure that their bedrooms are ready to use – with bed linen that the children are familiar with and feel comfortable in.
4. Familiar Touches
Favourite and familiar toys and accessories help to make new homes – particularly bedrooms – feel comfortable and welcoming. If belongings need to stay in boxes for a while, why not decorate them so that the room feels more homely?
5. Involve the Children
If you need to decorate your new home, let the children be part of the decisions you make. Ask them for their ideas and opinions – especially if their rooms are involved. This will help them to feel part of the process – and their new home.
“Moving home doesn’t have to be daunting,” says Jason Dyer of JTM Homes. “If the children are settled, it makes it easier for parents to feel at home.
“As well as using these tips to help your kids feel at home in your new property, the north London area offers lots of activities and clubs for children. Getting involved with local groups helps both children and parents to get to know their neighbourhood and make new friends in the area.”
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