6 Tips: How To Choose A Home To Work In
Increasingly, we want to work from home – either as our permanent base or sometimes as our job allows. During 2015, 4 million employees worked from home - that's 13.7% of employees. Half of the UK workforce is expected to work remotely by 2020
We like the idea of the flexibility and time management that it offers – and endeavour to apply the self-discipline that home working needs!
In all circumstances, we need a property that offers a productive space from which to work.
If you are looking for a new home – as part of a property purchase or as a tenant – what should you look for when viewing a property?
Six tips for choosing a property for living and working in:
1. Dedicated space – ideally, a separate room that can be dedicated work gives you the opportunity to focus when you're working – and switch off when you’re not. How often is your second bedroom actually used as a bedroom?

2. Flexible area – if dedicated space is unavailable or unsuitable, consider a space that is easily transformed into a working environment - and equally quickly becomes part of your home when you finish work. This could involve a dining area, for example. It must be readily available to you when you need to work.

3. Natural light try to find a property that brings natural light into your working area. Research shows that this is more productive, confortable and cost-effective. When putting a new desk into a home office, "a lot of people kind of reflexively put it right up against the wall in the darkest corner of the room," says Linda Varone, author of ‘The Smarter Home Office’. "What they’ve inadvertently done is recreated the corporate cubicle." 

4. Storage – there are some great flexible storage solutions that you can use. However what storage do you need within your property? Most information can be stored digitally – do you need loft space, will cupboards suffice or can you utilise any outdoor storage options?

5. Noise – will your working space give you the opportunity to concentrate?

6. Real people! A disadvantage of working from home can be the isolation that this involves, especially as more and more communication takes place via email.  A property close to local amenities will give you the opportunity to stretch your legs, get some fresh air and have a conversation outside of work. 
“Many of our properties offer working space whilst being close to transport links,” says Jason Dyer of JTM Homes. “This means that buyers and tenants enjoy the flexibility that working from home offers together with the convenience of easy commuting when needed.”
If you need a property that offers working space together with a great living environment, talk to the team at JTM Homes. We have offices in both Highgate and Archway.