Property Pricing: Get it Right
Naturally, every vendor wants to achieve the maximum value for their home. It’s easy to look at valuations online – but they don’t give a true reflection of the price you can achieve. For that, you need knowledge of:

- Your particular area
- Current marketing conditions
- How buyers’ minds work

That where your local estate agent offers essential help.

“It’s crucial to get the asking price right for each property,” says Jason Dyer of JTM Homes. “If it’s overpriced it will stay on the market for too long as buyers will overlook it. This could also make similar ‘competing’ properties look like better value for money. Price the property too low and you could be losing money unnecessarily.

“As north London specialists, we understand the local housing market and know the area’s sales history. Knowing what people are prepared to pay for various types of houses ensures that a realistic price and timescale are involved.

“Another important element within property valuation is market trends: national and local. From interest rates to local employment opportunities and schools – these elements can affect the pricing of a property.”

Jason adds: “The type of property involved will impact upon the price. It isn’t just a case of freehold or leasehold. If a property is leasehold, the remaining time on the lease will influence the price, especially if there are less than 50 years remaining, which means that buyers will probably be making a cash purchase.”

To summarise, Jason explains: “Getting a property’s asking price right from when it is first listed is vital in order to sell quickly and achieve the best price. There’s a definite insight involved which we have developed having worked independently in north London for over 40 years between us.”

To Receive a no-obligation valuation of your property, please contact JTM Homes.