Educating House Prices
A staggering 10% of parents would pay more than £50,000 extra for a property in a desirable school catchment area. One third have already moved house to be in with a chance of getting their child into a good school.

Undoubtedly, successful schools affect the property prices around them. In some cases, it becomes cheaper to send a child to local private school rather than pay the premium needed to move near to an excellent state school.

The survey by also highlights the tactics involved with ‘cheating the system’:
  • 4% falsely claim that a sibling already attends a local school
  • 7% feign religious observance
  • 9% of parents give a false address that falls within the school’s catchment area
  • 16% pay for extra tuition hoping that a high academic standard will secure a place
  • 24% consider renting an additional property whilst securing a place at their chosen school
  • 27% choose a nursery simply because of the links it has to a good primary school
Gareth Lane, Head of Home Insurance at, says: “Although household finances remain stretched, it is significant to see from our research that a number of parents are willing to pay more on the price of a new home to ensure their child is in the catchment area for a good school.”

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