NOW is a Great Time for First Time Buyers!
Are you a First Time Buyer?
Maybe someone you know would like to enter the property market?

We have some great news… the housing market is looking great for you!
There are four distinct reasons why NOW is a great time to act if you’re looking to buy a property for the first time...
4 Great Reasons to be a First Time Buyer NOW
1. Small price increase
The start of the year showed a modest increase in average property prices – just 0.4%, (£1,086). This is slightly less than the rise that we saw in January 2016, (0.5%).
2. Fewer investors
The government’s changes to stamp duty and tax allowances for second homes has created a fall in the number of property investors.
3. More choice
The number of studio, one bedroom and two bedroom properties (the traditional property size for a First Time Buyer) for sale has increased. In fact, 1.9% more properties are available now (Jan 2017) compared with the beginning of 2016.
4. More power
More properties to choose from and fewer buyers to compete against means that First Time Buyers have great negotiating power. Sellers are likely to be more open to lower offers – especially as sales agreed for two bedroom or smaller properties fell by 13.2% in December 2016.
“As a First Time Buyer it can be difficult to know when is the best time to get on the housing ladder,” says Jason Dyer of JTM Homes. “The signs in north London are definitely very positive at the moment – the best way forward is to have a chat with one of our sales team.
“We appreciate that buying a property for the first time is very exciting… and can be daunting too. We guide all of our clients through the stages involved with buying their properties.
“You’ll have as much as time you needed to ask questions and discuss your options. We’ll guide you through the process involved and offer you honest advice without any jargon.”
To find out more about buying a property, talk to JTM Homes. With offices in Highgate and Archway, we’ll have someone available to talk through what’s involved with buying a property and how we can help.”