What Tenants Take When They Move
A new report by an insurance company reveals that 30% tenants believe that it is ok for them to take things when they move home.
It isn’t just small items such as a kettle or a saucepan that leave with tenants. Unbelievably, much larger items have also gone missing, including:
  • king size beds
  • fridges
  • sofas
  • wardrobes
  • boilers 
Why? 20% tenants surveyed said that “they wanted to take the items.” Others simply said that they:
  • thought that the landlord wouldn’t notice
  • took items accidently
  • forgot that the items didn’t belong to them 
Unfortunately, this trend coincides with worrying statistics published by money.co.uk. The financial comparison site’s research shows that 79% of student tenants do not sign an inventory when they move in. Plus, 40% of student tenants have lost a third or more of their deposits whilst privately renting during their studies.
Patricia Barber is the Chair of the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks. She says: "A signed and agreed complete inventory should be a minimum requirement at the beginning of a tenancy. Although these figures cover student tenancies, it would be no surprise to learn that a high proportion of regular renters enter into a contract without an inventory having been compiled."
Specialist lettings team at JTM Homes advises all landlords to ensure that an inventory is compiled and signed at the start of every tenancy agreement.
“A professional inventory protects both the landlords and tenants alike,” says Jason Dyer of JTM Homes. “A through list supported by photos means that everyone knows exactly where they stand.”
JTM Homes offers specialist lettings services to landlords and tenants from its branches in Highgate and Archway. If you would like to know more, please contact the friendly team for a no obligation discussion. Be reassured that all your queries will be answered – without any property jargon!