Home Sweet Home
Despite the growing number of rental properties, the UK remains a nation of home owners. What is our national obsession (after the weather)? House prices.

We often have an emotional attachment to our home – and to the place where we grew up. As a result, many people return to their childhood locations when looking to buy a home of their own.

TSB has commissioned research to show how people living in Britain really feel about where they live – why they chose that place and what ties they have with their town or city. The bank aims to understand what ‘home’ means to people.

The results have been published by Property Reporter:

- Seven in 10 people deem ‘home’ to be the place they live now compared to more than one in 10 (14%) who think it is where they were born.
- Half (47%) of people live in or near their childhood home.
- Men tend to leave their childhood home a year later than women, however, twice as many men plan to return to the place they grew up.

Ian Ramsden, Director of Mortgages at TSB, said: “At TSB we believe a home is more than a house. It’s more than a place to lay your head, it's where we grow and evolve. Not just as individuals and family units, but also as communities.

“There are elements which you simply cannot put a price on and we wanted to understand more about what draws people to the places they call home. There are many factors at play which ultimately decide where people choose to live and the first of our #HOME reports looks at how our childhood homes influence where we base ourselves as adults.”

Jason Dyer of JTM Homes adds: “We believe that north London has a very strong community. This helps people moving into the area to get involved with their local activities and feel at home.”

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