5 Housing Trends for 2016
As we reach the final weeks of an eventful 2015, what can you expect from the housing market in 2016?
In an interview with Property Reporter, Jessica Simpson of buying agent Strutt & Parker gave her predictions:
  1. Renting is too Comfortable
Many people rent whilst looking for a property to buy. However when looking for a property equivalent to their rented home, people often find that, in reality, they simply can’t afford the purchase price. These tenants are confortable in their rented property. They would love to buy a similar home however they are disappointed with what they can afford.
  1. Outside Space
Extra outside space that can be used as an extension to the home is extremely popular. Outdoor space that can be integrated into the living area of the house suits many lifestyles – from office pods to outdoor fireplaces.
  1. Country Clubs
Those that can afford the most expensive country houses do not want to be isolated from any action. Members-only country clubs offer a community, exclusivity and property appeal and demand for these is growing.
  1. Continued Growth of the £2million+ Market
With a recovering economy, more people are able to afford properties worth more than £2million. Strutt & Parker has exchanged more properties of this value in the last six months than in previous years.
  1. The Good Life is in Demand
The demand for healthy living has been driven by the families market and continues to grow. People are looking for kitchen gardens, outdoor space for animals and the classic farmhouse country kitchen.
“2015 has been an interesting year for property,” says Jason Dyer of JTM Homes. “The market remains strong thanks to stamp duty changes, Help to Buy ISAs and continued low interest rates. We are optimistic that 2016 will be another great year for north London housing.”

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