Properties Snapped Up Fast
According to recent research, people spend three months browsing the property market before deciding to buy their next home. The new survey, conducted on behalf of Ocean Finance, also found that homebuyers visit four properties before finding the one that they are happy with.
Jason Dyer of JTM Homes is very surprised at these results. “Our buyers move much faster than the national results that have just been published,” he says. “Usually, it only takes four weeks for our buyers to commit to a property, rather than three months.”
The study also showed that two-thirds of people know immediately, or at least by the end of their first visit, that they want to move in. “We certainly find this to be true,” explains Jason. “If our buyers like a property, the vast majority make an offer after just one visit. They usually want to visit again after an offer is accepted.” This is also reflected in the research findings; most people visit their future home two and three times before moving in.
So – it seems that JTM Homes’ property buyers make purchase decisions more quickly than most others. Why?
“We take great care to ensure that we match potential buyers with properties that are right for them; properties that meet their requirements, “ explains Jason.
“We arrange viewings of relevant, viable properties for serious buyers. It helps to keep the sales process simple and effective.”
If you are thinking of selling your property, trust JTM Homes to find the right buyer for you.
With JTM Homes, it’s simple: honesty, action, results. Contact us to find out more.