Bumper Year for Buy To Let
This month’s changes to pension rules look set to make Buy-To-Let properties more popular then ever before, according to specialist lender Complete FS.

Now, the lump sum from pension pots is available as a cash sum, with annuity purchase having been mandatory before. The result? There is a huge surge in demand for Buy-To-Let (BTL) properties.

53% retirement savers would consider investing – or already are investing – in BTL to increase their retirement income, (Kensington report).

Around 50% of potential buy-to-let investors would use their pension fund to start or expand their portfolio as a landlord.

But – it isn't only the ‘pensioners’ who rely on property investments for their cash. For nearly half of BTL landlords, incoming rental payments are their main source of income.

Plus there’s more good news for landlords - the HomeLet Rental Index show that rents across the UK are 10.2% higher than a year ago. 

“Buy-To-Let has been attractive for a long time but is still growing in popularity” says Jason Dyer of JTM Homes, the north London lettings and estate agency. ”When you consider our low saving rates and the unpredictability of stick market investment, it’s easy to see why.”

He adds: “Buy-To-Let is an ideal way to supplement income. Many people prefer the idea of being a landlord to relying on paid employment.”

Would you like to be part of the Buy-To-Let market? Perhaps you would like to expand your portfolio of properties? If so, our Buy-To-Let service is for you.

JTM Homes has a specialist lettings team who will guide you through the process with specialist advice and straightforward communication. Find out more – download our Landlord Guide and talk to the friendly team at JTM Homes, (option two for lettings). We’re here to help.