Is Your Property Winter-Proof?
The temperature has dropped, the clocks have turned back… winter is on its way. Is your property ready for the change in season?

According Sainsbury’s Bank, home insurance claims increase significantly during the winter, rising by 179%. 

Whilst 44% of people surveyed said that their homes were ‘reasonably well prepared’ for winter, only 28% said that their property was ‘very prepared’.

“Landlords to be aware of their responsibilities regarding insurance and any property damage during bad weather”, explains Jason Dyer of JTM Homes. “It’s far better to act now to minimise the effect of the weather on your rental property, avoiding costly claims and inconvenience during the winter.”

Landlords must provide buildings insurance for their properties, although this is sometimes included within the service charge for a leasehold property. In all cases, you must tell your insurance company that the property is let.

If you are letting a property – or would like to – talk to JTM Homes. We’ll advise you of your insurance requirements and your obligation to your tenant should property damage occur.