Working From Home?
Do you remember working without email or a mobile phone? Barely? Never?

home officeOne of the advantages of today’s technology is flexible work locations.  A huge number of employees have the option to work from home. Almost one in seven of the UK workforce have chosen to ditch their commute, (Office of National Statistics).

Whether you own your house or are renting, working from home involves careful planning. Our checklist will help you take advantage of working from home whilst meeting legal requirements:

1.Dedicated space
If your business requires dedicated space, you may require planning permission and/or to pay business rates. Determine whether you need 100% business space, such as a workshop, or if you can use a shared purpose space such as a spare bedroom.

2.Check your deeds
There may be a restrictive covenant in your property deeds or tenancy agreement that states whether the property can be used for a business – or not.

3.Show respect!
Businesses that create a nuisance to neighbours are less likely to gain permission to be run from a domestic property. This includes parking, sound and odour issues.

4.Does your mortgage lender know?
The Council of Mortgage Lenders advises that mortgage providers should be told if a business is based at a property they are lending against. It also states that this is unlikely to affect charges unless the floor space dedicated to business use exceeds 40%.

5.Update your insurance
Check that your home insurance covers you for working from home. Most offer policies that cover home working – some don’t. Generally, if your business activities are clerical and you don't have meetings at home, your premiums may not be affected.

“We see an increasing number of people who want to move so that they have office space within their homes” says Jason Dyer of JTM Homes. “Whether you own or rent your home, the best course of action is to ask for advice – from your landlord or mortgage provider and your insurance provider.”

If you want to find that ideal space and avoid packed public transport and traffic jams, talk to JTM Homes. We’ll find a property that’s just right for you.