What London’s Tenants Dread Most
New research shows the main issues that London’s tenants are facing.

Rental homes brand Tipi’s survey discovered shocking findings. Despite London being one of the wealthiest cities in the world, with many tenants living in squalor. “In simple terms, renting in London is broken for too many people,” says Tipi’s MD, Rajesh Shah.

Almost 20,000 London renters took part in the research. The five main issues identified by tenants are:

1. Health Concerns
From mice, rats and cockroaches to wasps and mould – many tenants are sharing space with pests and fungi.

2. Overcrowding
According to Trust for London, 13% of social renting households and 11% of privately renting households in London are overcrowded. These percentages are significantly higher than in other areas of England.

3. Security
Broken locks and property access mean tenants feel vulnerable and unsafe. Unannounced visits by landlords and tradespeople are also problems faced by renters. Landlords should remember to give tenants 24 hours’ written notice prior to visiting their property.

4. Deposit Issues
The law may require landlords to place their tenants’ deposits in a Government-approved protection scheme, but not all landlords are as keen to hand back deposits to their tenants as they should be. Tipi’s research shows that many of London's renters have had to fight to get their deposits back, while some have lost them entirely.

5. Problem Landlords
Londoners have reported everything from unfixed maintenance issues to broken heating to a fallen in roof.  It’s the lack of communication that causes the biggest problem for renters – not knowing if or when problems will be resolved.

Jason Dyer of JTM Homes adds: “We work hard to make sure that property renting works for our tenants and landlords alike. Whilst a property is a business to landlords, they must remember that it is a home to their tenants. It should therefore always feel safe, secure and comfortable.”

If you are looking to let your property or rent in north London, talk to the friendly team at JTM Homes.