6 Top Tips for Winter Selling
If your house is on the market, there’s no need to feel the winter blues. Despite popular belief, this cold season can be a good time to sell your home.
Yes – spring and summer are the busiest seasons for the housing market. Winter, however, sees less properties on the market to tempt serious buyers. It can be a good time to proactively market your home.
In fact, Rightmove typically has 500,000 website visits on Christmas Day – this figure rises to over 1.3 million visits on Boxing Day.
“The winter months are often a great time to sell properties.” Says Jason Dyer of JTM Homes. “There are fewer properties on the market which focusses buyers.”
Top tips for winter property sales:
1. Buyers like to view properties in daylight, so try to offer daytime viewings. These may have to take place at the weekends. 

2. Review photos – if the pictures of your property are not consistent with the current season it will make it look as if your property has been on the market for some time. 

3. A cosy welcome is even more important if potential buyers have braved bad weather to reach your property. Heating and lighting are essential. 

4. Outside space should be kept clear and clean throughout the winter. First impressions count. Consider leaving tables and chairs outside to suggest how space can be used and enjoyed. 

5. Festive viewings work best if your decorations don’t take over your home! A smaller Christmas tree can suggest greater space in the room, for example. 
Sarah Beeny is the property expert who presents several property shows on Channel 4. She says: "People who are looking to move have more time to search for properties and research the market over the festive period, so it's a great time to sell. You'll get a head start on anyone not ready to make the most of the increased activity and generate mass interest in your property.
"I know of so many people who hadn't planned on moving, but then did some research over Christmas whilst they were off work and actually ended up putting in offers and buying houses they'd seen over that period. It really is the perfect time to sell."
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