The Home Improvement Wish List
How would you like to improve your home? That’s what Money asked randomly selected adults. 2,004 people replied… here is the wish list for home improvements:
  1. A new kitchen – 36%
  2. Build an extension – 34%
  3. Install a new bathroom – 33%
  4. A garden make-over – 24%
  5. Create an extra room via an attic conversion – 19%
  6. Install a new boiler or central heating system – 17%
  7. Create an open plan space by knocking down internal walls – 16%
  8. Fit double glazing – 10%
  9. Add an extra bedroom – 10%
  10. Install solar panels – 7%
Matt Saunders from Money said: “Whether it’s to increase your living space to accommodate your growing family, or to reduce your household bills by improving your home’s energy efficiency, home improvements are a great way of making your home a nicer place to live and can add value to your property.”
Remember – if you are improving your home, your insurance may be affected. 52% of homeowners who have undertaken major work have not informed their home insurance provider. This potentially invalidated their insurance.  
Are you unsure whether to move home or improve your current property?
Jason Dyer of JTM Homes commented: “Many home improvements can add value to your property as well as increase comfort and efficiency. Our team is always happy to discuss how your planned changes may affect your property’s value. Some people move home having achieved planning permission without carrying out any work. This can also be a way of adding value.”
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