No Place Like Home?

How do feel about your current home?

A new report from Lloyds bank shows that 28% of UK homeowners still think of the property that they grew up in as ‘home’.
In addition, only 41% people feel that their current property meets their expectations. In fact, 98.5% homeowners in England and Wales want to improve something about their homes, (Principality Building Society).
So why are homeowners dissatisfied with their current homes?
The ‘Britain at Home’ research shows that:
  • 43% felt that they are not living in their ‘dream home’
  • 29% are not living in what they consider as a ‘family home’
  • 26% are not living in their desired area 

Professor Barrier Gunter wrote ‘Psychology of Home’. He suggests: “A home only becomes a home when it reflects who we are as a person. How we decorate our homes reveals deeper aspects of our personalities, with influences coming from different parts of our lives. For example, if we have fond childhood memories of hiding in the attic, we might seek a property with a similar space for our own family.”
Modern lifestyle pressures also influence what people want from their homes:
  • 31% homeowners find that working at home is more common.
  • 28% use their home for entertaining 
Whether you’re renting or buying, it's important that you choose a property that suits your lifestyle as well as your budget,” explains Jason Dyer of JTM Homes. “North London has a wide choice of property types and sizes. If you know what you want from your home, we’ll be able to find some properties for you.”
Before you make any changes, be fully aware of the choices involved. Have an informal chat with the friendly team at JTM Homes. We’re known for our straight-talking, honest feedback.
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